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The modern day Physiotherapist works across most fields of medicine, using the latest technology to help you return to full fitness fast.

Individual Treatment Programmes 

Specialist Physiotherapists possess a wealth of knowledge to provide you with individually tailored treatment programmes. We are all different and hence no two peoples injuries/problems are the same. 

For this reason you will be allocated at least one hour for your initial consultation to allow your Physiotherapy Specialist to fully examine you and work out the most appropriate treatments for you. 

What we do......

When you mention the word ‘Physiotherapist’ most people think of massage and exercise. In fact there are many ways in which a Physiotherapist can treat injuries from sophisticated electrical devices, to detailed biomechanical analysis, to specific muscle re-training programs. 

Back and Neck pain - Consultant level clinical specialist Physiotherapist will be able to diagnose and provide a comprehensive conservative treatment programme 

MRI, CT, Dynamic Ultrasound Scanning and X-ray facilities- rapid access to these investigations to get your diagnosis quickly and accurately allowing the most appropriate treatment to be given straight away.

Sports Injuries - Our Physiotherapists have a wealth of experience in treating sports injuries from the amateur sportsman to national and international sports men and women in Football,Rugby, Athletics and horse racing/ equestrian sports

Hydrotherapy - world class hydrotherapy at teesside university Sports Science Department

Electrotherapy treatments such as Ultrasound, Laser therapy, T.N.S. machines as well as muscle stimulation and pain relieving treatments. 

Exercise programs -Individually tailored exercise programs used to strengthen, balance and re-train muscles after injury or surgery. 

The Spinal Rehabilitation Programme is a specific exercise regime for low back pain sufferers – see Low Back Pain section.

Spinal Manipulation –many spinal conditions respond well to manipulation. This is best performed in the first few weeks. 

Coming home/ Post-operative care - expert treatment to help you recover from surgery/ injury and get back to your active lifestyle

Acupuncture –now widely accepted as an effective treatment for pain. Many long term pain problems can be helped by acupuncture. 

Women's Health - we provide specialist treatment of women in conjunction with Consultant Gynaecologists and Obstetricians

Headache and Migraine clinic - government NICE guideline now recommend acupuncture for treatment tension headache and to reduce migraine frequency

Home Visits - for clients who would prefer to have their treatment in the comfort of their own home.

Biomechanical Analysis –many ankle, knee, hip and low back problems stem from abnormal foot mechanicals. These may benefit from lower limb biomechanical analysis and Orthotics (special insoles) provision. 

Ergonomic analysis – all too often we find that incorrect work posture and workstations are causing over use and spinal injuries. For many people correction of the work environment is sufficient to cure a long-standing problem, which has been helped simply by trying to treat the injured area.

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